Gavin DeGraw face plants at NHL playoff game after singing anthem

Gavin DeGraw sang for the crowd the national anthem and then he was face planted on the ice.

Prior to the start of the Game 5 of the playoff between Predators and the Dallas Stars, on Saturday night that was held at the Bridgestone Arena, Gavin DeGraw soon found himself face planted on the ice after he sang the national anthem.

The Game 5 ended with a win for the Dallas Stars by 5-3 as they took the 3-2 lead of the series.

After Gavin DeGraw finished singing the anthem, he took a step back hoping he was stepping back on the carpet. However, instead of the carpet, which is placed especially for the singers on ice, his foot was on the ice and he tripped hard.

What happened could be seen below in the video.

For Gavin DeGraw, who had a top hit songs like ‘Chariot’, in Love With a Girl’ and I Don’t Want to Be’, this was one of the embarrassing moments of his life. As for his performance before the major fall, it was impeccable.

Taking a jab at himself, Gavin DeGraw wrote on Facebook, “Someone said, Break A Leg! And I listened.”

Another country music singer Stephen Cochran also shared a similar story of his on Facebook following Gavin DeGraw’s fall where he almost slipped even before singing the national anthem.

Cochran wrote as follows,
“Ok , story time…so about 8 years ago I got to sing the National anthem at the Nashville Predators game…well a lot don’t know , that after I was injured I had to learn to walk again and I never really got feeling back in my right toes even till today I still don’t…well ..as I’m about to walk out onto the carpet which they have laid out for you to walk on, one of the crew members say, ” hey this carpet is still on ice, so don’t be the first guy to fall this year ,ok!” …now he didn’t have a clue that I can’t feel my toes…but now I’m really concerned and scared I’m going to fall flat on my face on TV and in front of that many people LIVE….so I walked with the most over pronounced high step out and then back I think anyone had ever seen….looked like a Tennessee walking horse… Anyway I feel Gavin DeGraw’s pain.”

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