LeBron James leaves from Lakers’ big win against the Warriors early due to strained left groin

LeBron James, the star player of the LA Lakers had to leave early from the Tuesday night Christmas game of LA Lakers VS Golden State Warriors due to a strained left groin injury.

During the third quarter, with Lakes on the back of a big defensive shot, LeBron slipped on the court going after a ball that escaped his reach.

Many of the NBA analysts said, that James told that he felt something “Pop”.

With Lakers leading 71-57, James left the game and went to the locker room. Soon after he exited the game, the team announced that he suffers from a strained left groin injury and his return is questionable. He was later ruled out by the team from playing.

To determine the severity of this injury, James will now undergo an MRI exam.

James talking about his condition said, “I was not able to make it back into the game. I will get an MRI exam tomorrow to see what happened. With me and the injuries, I have never been too concerned about them. I was able to walk most of them off on my own power. I felt a pop. I thought I could feel better after a few stretches to relieve the pain but it did not happen. I did some exercises to see if I could play again but for me and my team, my condition was not best. So I came out of the game and jump-start a rehab”.

Despite the injury of LeBron James, it was a huge win for the Lakers who have previously suffered 11 straight losses at hands of the Warriors at Oracle Arena; a losing streak that began back in 2013.

James prior to his injuries scored 17 points and 13 rebounds for the team’s win.

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