President Donald Trump In Japan presents the trophy to the winning sumo wrestler

Although President Donald Trump is often seeing trying his luck at the golf course but is he planning to take on another sport?

Trump was recently on a 4-day trip to Japan where he joined nearly 11500 fans of sumo wrestling at the Ryogoju Kokugiak Stadium. He was thee to enjoy with the fans a famed cultural event of the country.

At the end of the cultural event sumo fight, President Trump came to the stage where he handed the champion sumo wrestler named Asanoyama with the large Eagle-topped trophy.

Following the procession of the event, Trump’s aid that he had always wanted to see a sumo wrestling match and this had been an incredible evening for him.

He said, “This was something to see these great athletes.”

Joining trump on this event were his wife and the first lady Melania Trump as well as the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and his wife named Akie.

Before coming to the cultural event, Trump still played golf with Japanese Prime Minister at the Mobara Country Club, where he was joined by the Japanese professional golfer named Isao Aoki.

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