Sanches leads as Lille routs Montpellier for 2-1 victory in French League

Renato Sanches of the Lille allowed his club’s fans on Friday night to have a breather of relief as he scored the game-winning goal for the team against Montpellier in the French League game.  With his goal, Lille won over Montpellier by 2-1.

With this win, the previously 4th ranked Lille has now moved to the 3rd place and is now only 3 points behind the 2n ranked Marseille in French League. As for Marseille, they are looking to have their 7th straight win when they will have a road game against Metz for French League this Saturday night.

Following a superb flick from the energetic forward of Lille, Jonathan Ikoné, Sanches then latched on to the ball as he accelerated it down towards the left of the net and then cut outside of the opposing team’s defender to thump a low shot in the bottom corner of the net. The goal was scored at the 84th minute of the game.

This was the very same kind of goal that Lille had the hopes for when the signed the 22 years old star international player from Bayern Munich for a contact of 22.2 million dollars. This massive offseason signing makes Sanches their biggest signing for the franchise ever.

Victor Osimhen of Lille had a penalty which was saved by the goalkeeper of Montpelier but after a few minutes of that Sanches made his goal.

2 of the Montpellier’s players ended up in a freak incident during 1st half of the game as the ball was headed straight into the face of the 18 years old Joris Chotard kicked by his teammate named Téji Savanier. Chotard, suffering the devastating blow to the face had blood gushing out of his nose.

The visitors were first able to equalize the game during the 74th minute following a goal from Florent Mollet but after that, they failed to make any real progress. With this, their hopes to advance in the rankings of the French League are also put on halt.

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