Westbrook has a heated verbal altercation with Jazz fans

On Monday night NBA game between OKC Thunder and Utah Jazz, the star player of Thunder, Russell Westbrook got himself involved in a heated verbal altercation with a certain Jazz fan and his wife. The verbal altercation happened during the second quarter of the game.

Earlier in the quarter, both fans were hurling racial taunts at Westbrook who then stood up to reply them from the bench. The Thunder guard said that both fans said to him to “get down on my knees like I used to.” After that particular taunt from fan, Russell Westbrook was caught on a video as he cursed at the man and his wife threatening him from behind.

Westbrook after the game expressed his deep concern regarding the verbal abuse not only he but also his teammates had to endure on their road trip. According to Westbrook, much of this was directed at their families. He also said that he is now done with tolerating this disrespect to his family and culture.

Westbrook said, “There is something that needs to be done. There has to be some consequences for people like that who only come to the game and say and do whatever they feel like. I do not think that this is fair for players.”

The fan and his wife as a result of this verbal racial taunt have been banned from coming to the NBA games. As for Russell Westbrook, he ahs received a fine of 250000 dollars from NBA’s disciplinary board for using excessive verbal abuse.

As for the fans he told the media in an interview that neither he nor his wife cursed at Russell Westbrook.”

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