Bayern back as Bundesliga leader following 4-1 victory over Cologne

In the game of Bundesliga held between Bayern Munich and Cologne, Serge Gnabry scored 2 goals as Bayern defeated their opponents by 4-1.

Chasing their 8thy title of Bundesliga in a row, Bayern has now moved one point ahead of previous league leader Leipzig. Bayern was able to gain the early lead in the game but they got a little relaxed in the 2nd half and allowed for Cologne to came close to scoring many goals with some nice chances.

Neuer of Bayern said in his interview, “I expected a little bit more of resistance from Cologne. As for our team, I am a little bit annoyed that we did not keep on playing with the consistency because we ended up making life quite  hard for us.”

Players of Cologne were wearing he T-shirts that were depicting the upcoming carnival of the city but Bayern spoiled that atmosphere of the party with their 2 goals scored during the game’s early 5 minutes.

Both of these early goals were set p by Bayern’s Thomas Müller as the defense of Cologne failed to track the movement of their opposing team players. Thomas Müller first set the ball for letting Robert Lewandowski to score his 23rd goal during his 22nd game of Bundesliga during the 2nd minute.

the 2nd goal was set up for Kingsley Coman who made the scoreboard 2-0 as the Bayern relaxed to exchange passes in the penalty area of Cologne.

The lead of Bayern was then extended once more following a pass picked up by Gnabry from teammate Joshua Kimmich during the 12th minute as he drove the ball inside the net with a powerful low hit.

With this loss, Cologne still stays at the 14th place in the Bundesliga standings.

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