Drone flies over Fenway Park as Boston Red Sox win over the Toronto Blue Jays

On Thursday night as the Boston Red Sox managed to have a walk-off win over the Toronto Blue Jays, an uninvited guest; a drone was flying over the Fenway Park.

The unidentified drone was hovering over the Fenway Park that caused quite a ruckus among the audience.

This drone caused a lot of distraction for the player as well when Mitch Moreland, the Red Sox, the batter came out of the batter’s box to see it during his 9th inning at the bat.

Moreland said, “That drone kind of threw my game off. I looked up and I was like, they are not supposed to be around here, are they? I was figuring out a way to try to hit or something.”

However, Red Sox regained their game as they won over Toronto Blue Jays by 7-6 to earn their first win at home for the defending champions who suffered a rough start.

Even if the drone proved to be good luck for the Boston Red Sox, the owner of the drone is most probably in a lot of trouble as per the following Red Sox’s policy on the flying drones,

“The use of UAVs (drones) are prohibited at all times in and around Fenway Park by federal regulations and such use will be immediately reported to Boston Police for investigation.”

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