O.J. Simpson’s No. 32 now being worn by another Buffalo Bills’ player after 42 years

After 42 years, the no. 32 jersey of the Buffalo Bills hooch was worn by OJ Simpson is now being worn by another player of the Bills.

The Bills’ running back Senorise Perry, who is going to wear the no. 32 jersey said, “I thought the jersey had been retired. But then I was told that it was currently available and Boom, I took it just like that.”

The no. 32 jersey was never retired by the Bills which had been always synonymous with OJ Simpson since 1969 when he was drafted by the franchise and spent 9 seasons with them. Simpson is also on the Buffalo Bills’ Wall of Fame.

Buffalo Bills have so far retired the no. 12 jersey of Jim Kelly, no. 34 jersey of Thurman Thomas and no. 78 jersey of Bruce Smith.

As for Simpson, he was the Pro Footballer Hall of Famer and was the most valuable player of NFL in 1973 but was then acquitted for a double murder case back in 19955 and was found liable for it in the civil trial of 1997. The 71 years old OJ Simpson has been leased back in 2017 after serving a 10-year long sentence for an armed robbery, he was involved back in 2007.

Simpson told media when asked about his view on Senorise Perry getting his no. 32 jersey, “Whatever the Bills do with it, is fine with me. That is how I feel about it when I played there. I tried my best to honor the team and ever since I left them, I tried my best to honor the team. To be completely honest, it is not something that I ever thought about. Whatever they decide to do with is fine with me and it is not going to change the way I think about the people there.”

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