Andrade vs. Sulecki; Demetrius Andrade wins over Maciej Sulecki by unanimous points decision

In a Middleweight World title defense fight between Demetrius Andrade and Maciej Sulecki, Andrade was able to successfully defend his title against Sulecki in a fight held at Rhode Island.

Demetrius Andrade

Andrade, the two0-weight world champion was clearly a class above his opponent as he dropped Sulecki in the first round before getting the unanimous decision points verdict from three judges for 120-107.

Andrade vs. Sulecki

This was the first appearance of the middleweight champion in the ring at his hometown of Providence as he presented his amazing skills to win over Sulecki to extend his career record by 28-0.

Andrade got down to work as soon as he stepped inside the ring and began to make short work of Sulecki with his southpaw stance which saw him dropping Sulecki to the floor within 60 seconds.

Andrade Attacks on Sulecki

The hit was a massive one to his temple, but it was only a wakeup call for Sulecki who only had one defeat on his record to regain his lost senses as he tried to find out some success on his fast-moving opponent.

Andrade SelfDefense against Sulecki

Sulecki had chances of making attacks only in the 3rd and 4th round as he managed to make some scores on hit with his nifty combinations against the local heroes.

Demetrius Andrade Attacks Continually

After taking this minor beating, Andrade stepped up his game as the fifth round saw him completely bewildering his opponent with his Ali shuffle and bolo punches.

Andrade beats Sulecki

Andrade was able to hold off Sulecki with his clubbing hooks and his nifty combinations keeping him at distance from him for the rest of the fight.

Andrade Looks Energetic

After winning the fight, Andrade wasted no moment as he called out to Saul Canelo Alvarez for the unification bout in September.

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