Davies Jr. vs. Ritson; Ritson beats Davies Jr. on points in Newcastle

Lewis Ritson is still on the road for his shot at the WBA title following his win against Robbie Davis Jr. by points win in the thrilling fight held in Newcastle.


The favorite of home displayed a marvelous performance of his career against his opponent to gain a lead on points in the final rounds that saw him getting scores of 117-112, 116-112, and 116-112 for the unanimous points win in this WBA eliminator fight. 

The opening round of 3 minutes was full of frenzy as Ritson unlashed his devastating hooks to stun his opponent. Davis JR. tired his best to respond with his overwhelming power before the bell was sounded.

2nd round saw Davis Jr. exploding with power as he rammed body shots in to force Ritson for defense. However, Ritson then responded with fiery hooks in the 3rd from a close range.

Davis Jr. who suffered bloody nose ignored the damage and replied back by exchanging punches in the 4th round evenly. As for Ritson, he was quick on responding with a flurry of punches during the 5th round.

The fiery pace of both fighters slowed down in the 6th as Ritson then feed a ramrod jab following which came left-hand punches with accuracy during the 7th.

By the 8th round, Davis Jr. found composure and replied with right-hand punches and it seemed like he was bullying the tired Ritson and forced him on the ropes during the 9th round.

Ritson was able to recover in the 1-minute break to come in the 10th round for a cagey fight. He raised his arms in triumph after making short work of Davis Jr.  Following the 10th round, the audience roared with cheer as Ritson unleashed a crunching combination.

The final round was a thriller of the whole fight which saw both fighters trading equal blows to be on the ropes after this breathless encounter.

The end result was no different as the judges saw the efforts of Ritson to be far superior to his opponent and thus handed him the victory. With this WBA title eliminator fight concluded, Ritson is now the contender for the WBA title belt.

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