Luke Campbell defeats Adrian Yung in just five rounds

Luke Campbell, after defeating his opponent of the Friday night Adrian Yung in mere five rounds is on his tack to the world title fight. Campbell won the fight by TKO which was held on Friday night in Philadelphia.

Campbell who happens to be the mandatory challenger of the Mikey Garcia for his WBC Lightweight belt, gave the experienced Mexican challenger one hell of a beating and his first ever stoppage loss in his 33 fight career.

Although Yung was the one with the edge in the opening round, Campbell was the one who landed in the most accurate shots. He caught up to his opponent by the time first round ended.

The Mexican fighter who had previously stopped nearly 209 opponents took hold of the second round with a series body shot but Campbell; the former Olympic boxer was not fazed or panicked by it and continued delivering his shots.

T third saw Southpaw Campbell planting his feet firmly and hurting his opponent’s body with a decent body shot before he began to target his head.

As for round four, it saw Yong missing out landing some wild punches before Campbell made a counter with a left hook. This hook caused the first serious blood to draw as a cut appeared on Yung’s right eye.

Campbell again landed a ,massive left hook to the Mexican who backed in a  corner followed by his flurry of punches casing the referee to stop the fight and declaring Campbell’s victory.,

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