Oscar winning actress Halle Berry starts training of jiu-jitsu with UFC fighter Brian Ortega for a film role

The most recent UFC Featherweight title challenger named Brian Ortega is going to be busy with a really big and beautiful assignment.

Ortega whose career record is 14-1 MMA and 6-1 UFC has been selected by the Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry to train her for her upcoming movie titled “Bruised”. Berry is not only the heroine of the movie but also this is her first directorial debut film.

Ortega is basically going to train Halle Berry for some jiu-jitsu chops for the role in the film.

Ortega told media, “I have been teaching other jiu-jitsu since I was only 16 years old and now I am 28. So training is not going to be an issue. Of course, it is Halle we are talking about so we are not going to fight. The thing is jiu-jitsu is a splendid art and even if you go 100 percent you still do not get hurt. Fans are in for seeing some cool-ass things in this movie. We are going to train Halle hard.”

The 52 years old Halle Berry won her Oscar award back in 2002 for her movie “Monster’s ball”. With this, she became the first black woman to have ever won this big award for the Best Actress category. Halle also has won two of the Screen Actors Guild awards along with a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award as well.

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