UFC 242; Scary knockout shot leaves the fighter twitching on the floor

On the Saturday night’s UFC 242, Ottman Azaitar entered the ring for a bang.

The lightweight fighter from Morocco, Azaitar, whose career record is 12-0 <MMA and 1-0 UFC, fought against Teemu Packalen of Finland, whose career record is 8-3 MMA and 1-3 UFC, for the preliminaries of the UFC 242.

From the start, Azaitar opened with heavy punches and Packalen was rarely able to land a shot and was on his back foot for most of the night.

One minute into the round, Azaitar made an overhand right that landed square onto his opponent’s left ear and then he was going down.

Packalen was on his feet and instead of falling backward, he fell forward and crashed on to the floor with hsif ace first.

What the moment as Packalen goes down hard and starts twitching.

As Jon Anik, the bra podcaster of the UFC announced the scene; Packalen was seen to have his legs twitching while he was unconscious. Fortunately for Packalen, the 32 years old fighter was still able to leave the ruing on his own two feet.

This is 3rd loss for Packalen in his last 4 UFC fights.

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