Peter McNamara, Champion of the Three-time Grand Slam tennis doubles dies at age 64

Peter McNamara, the winner of the 3 grand slam doubles tennis titles alongside his fellow Australian player Paul McNamee, who also reached his career-high of world rank no. 7 in the singles died at age 64.

Peter McNamaraPeter McNamara sit on chair

His death was confirmed by his family confirmed named David Law who is also the tennis commentator. Law revealed that Peter McNamara died due to suffering from prostate cancer at his home in Germany and has shared the news on behalf of Peter McNamara’s wife.

Peter McNamara Death confirmed

McNamara had a long and successful partnership with McNamee as the pair was called the Super Macs by the Australians. They also went on to win the doubles titles at Wimbledon back in 1980 and 1982 as well as the doubles title of Australian open back in 1979.

McNamara with McNamee

McNamee said about McNamara in his social media post, “it is hard to believe that nearly 50 years of Friendship with Macca is now gone. You lived the life to its fullest and you will be missed.”

old Photo of McNamara playing tennis

McNamara had also won 5 singles title along with reaching the single’s semifinals at the 1980s Australian open and the quarterfinals of the 1981’s Wimbledon. His career ended after he suffered a critical knee injury at the age of 28 years old.

McNamara Guide Tennis Women Player

After the end of his era as a player, he started tennis coaching and was a great coach to players like Mark Philippoussis and Grigor Dimitrov. As for his latest coaching job, he was training the rising women’s tennis star from China, Wang Qiang.

McNamara old Picture

Mouratoglou talking about McNamara on twitter said, “He was a very charismatic man who was really passionate about his job as well as being a great team player. He did an amazing job with Dimitrov and helped him through his transition into the pros.”

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