Russell and LeVert lead Nets to win over 76ers in Game 1

D’Angelo Russell went up a  scoring spree that helped his team Brooklyn Nets to win over the stunned Philly whose home court advantage was marred by boos in the end.

Ben Simmons, the All-Star of the 76ers tried to put the crowd back to silence. He said, “if any of you are going to boo then stay on that side.”

Russell showed some of that playoffs magic as the All-Star player of Brooklyn scored 26 points while Caris LeVert finished with 23 points leading the team’s win over the Philadelphia 76ers by 111-102 on Saturday night. This was the Game 1 of the team’s first round of playoffs series in the Eastern Conference.

Russell said, “You have got the right piece to keep it going.”

Russell on the night had his first win of the playoffs and as for Nets their biggest win since they have moved to Brooklyn.

As for 76ers, they might want to keep their cellphone locked. Amir Johnson, the 76ers benchwarmer was seen in the TV cameras sitting on the bench and using his cellphone late in the 4th quarter.

Later he was seen showing it to 76ers Joel Embiid whatever was on the phone and then sliding it back into his pants pockets.

Embiid said the Johnson was showing me the update he got on his sick daughter. Nevertheless, 76ers coach Brett Brown was unhappy and called actions of Johnson to be unacceptable. That was not the only thing unacceptable, so was the team’s performance on the night.

Philadelphia 76ers were led by Jimmy Butler who scored 36 points. As for Ben Simmons, he appeared to be a playoff dud playing against his high school teammate Russell.

76ers starters, Ben Simmons, JJ Reddick, and Tobias Harris could only manage 18 points as 76ers missed 22 of their 25 3-pointer shots.

Game 2 will next be played in Philadelphia.

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