Samantha Kinghorn, the wheelchair sprinter of Britain wins the T53 bronze medal at the World Para Championships

Samantha Kinghorn, the wheelchair sprinter of Great Britain was able to battle it tough at the T53 100 m race held at the World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai to win the bronze medal.

This is the second medal for Brittan at the championships, with the first won being won by Paul Blake for the T36 800 meters race. Paul Blake won the gold medal for being at 1st place.

For Samantha Kinghorn, there had been really high hopes that she would repeat on her success from the 2017’s London Championships after she managed to enter the Dubai Championships’ finals with her season’s best time of 16.39 seconds.

Te 1st place and the goal medal went to China’s Gao Fang whereas the 2nd place silver medal was also won by Zhou Hongzhuan of China.

Considering that Samantha Kinghorn only had 12 weeks to prepare for this race following her surgery back in summer, this was still an outstanding result.

Samantha Kinghorn said, “I cannot believe that I am really picking up the bronze after this year. I really did not expect it but still, I had worked hard for this race. I know that I will be much faster for the championships next year. It is going to give me so much confidence for the next championships and now I am simply powering down in wait for the Tokyo Olympics next year.”

She further said, “I have now a world medal and I know that I can be much better and faster. I was only thinking of being in top 5 in this race but now to stand at the podium is really great and I hope that I can fight for a much higher spot at the coming Olympics in Tokyo.”

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