Thiago Santos tore his ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus in his fight against Jon Jones at UFC 239

The UFC lightweight champion Thiago Santos fought for the last 4 rounds of his fight against Jon Jones at UFC 239 on basically one leg.

An MRI scan of the Santos showed that he suffered from torn ACL, MCL and PCL in his left knee along with a tear on his meniscus.

Doctors also have presented their suspicion that he might have also suffered an injury on his right knee as well. Santos had surgery done on his right knee prior to his gruesome match with Jon Jones at UFC 239.

According to Santos himself, he injured his knee during the first round of the match. As it can be seen in replays, he was moving unusually after his kick and after that, his left leg also started to give 9out during the fight.

Santos said, “In the first round, Jon Jones did not do anything bad to me. I then felt my knee go out and it really bothered me in the fight. Everyone could see that I did everything that I could on a bummed knee and I fought through the whole fight like this.”

He furtherer said, “I managed to hurt him and I also kicked him a lot but our plan was to really process him and we could not do that with my knee. I was not able to put my hands or my strikes the way I wanted to.”

To put more hurt on his injury, Nevada Athletic Commission has given out ruling that if Santos’ really suffers serious injuries, he could face a 6-month suspension from the fighting world or even longer.

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