Tyson Fury attacked by Braun Strowman during training ahead of their big fight

One of the much-anticipated fights of the Crown Jewel is between the boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and the Wrestling menace Braun Strowman. However, in the latest news between the two contenders, Tyson Fury was hurt by Strowman during his WWE training session.

Fury was performing some wrestling drills with the coaching staff of WWE at the Performance Center located in Orlando, Florida when Strowman charged at him and dropped him to the ground heavily.

While Fury did not seem hurt at first, he was later seen holding on to his ankle of the right foot after getting knocked down.

Following the little stunt form Strowman, he was then ushered out of the facility by the security members as he was laughing on the way out. As for Fury, he was not able to stand up straight despite trying to approach Strowman.

Fury VS Strowman is going to happen on 31st October at the Crown Jewel in which Fury is participating as the competitor for WWE for the very first time.

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