Mick Schumacher win his first F2 race in Hungary

Schumacher claimed is first win of the F2 career in a sprint race held in Hungary.

The 20 years old driver is the son of the 7-time champion of F1; Michael. Schumacher started from the pole for the reverse grid after he finished 8th on the Saturday’s race. He managed to win the 28-lap race by 1.5 seconds difference to Nobuharu Matsushita.

As for the third pace it went to McLaren’s junior, Sergio Sette Camara.

Schumacher, is the member of the Ferrari academy and during his F2 career, he had been through lots of ups and downs. Is previously bets achieved F2 result was to be 4th in Australia back in June.

Schumacher said, “An amazing race. The car was great and thank you to the team for delivering me with a car like this. Also much credit to Nobuharu who was able to keep me entertained. It was not an easy victory but I am really happy.”

With this win, Schumacher now stands at 11th in the championship ranking which is 14 points behind Jordan king of England who finished at 4th place.

Next will be the Belgian GP for F2 that will be held on August 30th following which are going to be Monza, Sochi and Abu Dhabi races to conclude the season.

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