Brook vs. DeLuca: Mark DeLuca knocked out by Kell Brook in his Sheffield return

The boxing match of Kell Brook VS Mark DeLuca held in Sheffield ended with the 7th round Knockout victory for Kell Brook.  

A left hook from Kell Brook flattened his opponent and the referee was forced to intervene after the entire fight at that point was spent with Kell Brook hurting and bloodying DeLuca.

Following his 14-month long break from boxing, Brook, who is now 33 years of age was not only brutal but spiteful in this fight. With his explosive victory, he is now set up for another major fight in his career which first includes the World Welterweight Championship.

He has a fight chances with Amir Khan and also with Liam Smith who was watching his first match since his break from the ringside. Liam Smith could be Brook’s All-British rival for sometime later in 2020 as he prepares for his world title shot in the division of Super-Welterweight.

Brook exploded early in the first round during the 3rd round when an uppercut from him broke the nose of DeLuca; a former Marine. The blood was pouring heavily from DeLuca’s nose as Brook landed 2 more left hooks that floored his opponent.

DeLuca was able to stand back on his 2 feet but going into the 4th round, Brook had the total control. at the end of that round, Kell Brook had delivered some hurtful punches and DeLuca was only saved by the bell.

Brook who was in total control continued punishing DeLuca in the 5th and 6th rounds. Still, he was not able to get a stoppage victory until he managed to land his 7th round KO win with a left hook.  DeLuca crashed down to the floor and then even managed to get back up but the referee came to rescue him.

With the victor of the fight decided, Kell Brook lifted his title belt of WBO Intercontinental Super Welterweight and moving a step closer to challenging the entire governing body.

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