Bryce Harper With his home run and bat flip becomes the official villain in Washington

The return of Bryce Harper to the only baseball home he ever knew began and ended in the same manner. He entered at the Nationals Park quietly at about 2 PM where a security guard dapped him up.

After ten hours, Bryce still wearing his Philadelphia Phillies uniform, left the clubhouse where Cowboys wished him good luck for the game and a security guard asked him to say hi to his mom and dad to which he said, “I will”.

This was the time which told him the next 13 years of his life in baseball.

Despite the stadium staff putting up a tribute video some of the staunchest National fans who once adored him for 7 years in the team, made it clear that he is never welcomed on the South Capitol Street.

He was booed mercilessly by them that started during the video tribute. It was clear that this fan base wanted was all a villain.

However, Harper gave them more than what they had asked for.

Harper, in one of the best career performances, rebounded from his 2 early strikeouts and struck a volley of shots that sent the Phillies fans clamoring in noise. He eventually cleared the ballpark with a double in fifth innings, and an RBI in the sixth innings.

As for the 8th inning, he had a massive 2-run Homerun as he drove the ball away at about 458 feet.

As Harper was exiting the box after making home runs in 3 games in a row, he flipped his bat with a flare pointed at the Nationals dugout.

It was 26 years old 5-time All-Star Harper, who had signed a 300 million dollars 13-year deal with Phillies, to stand on his own. If anything was the indication tonight, Harper made his transition from National to Phillies clear.

Harper was only 19 years old when he started his career in this very stadium. On this night he was able to learn a new lesson that if you can come home then carve out a new home for yourself.

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